©2019 by Ashley Allen


Say Yes!

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I spent 2 months in Nairobi over the summer months leading worship, facilitating classes on being a revivalist and building a team of worship leaders at the Kingdom Leadership Academy with Bethel Atlanta Kenya. It was an amazing time! However, my assignment isn’t over yet. I have been asked to return to continue building up a ministry. I will specifically be working with the worship director of Bethel Atlanta Kenya and connecting with other groups within Kenya and Cameroon, mentoring on worship leadership. Kenya has been working for 2 years to impact their nation with kingdom culture and cultivating revival. A massive movement is on the rise and I am called to be a part of it. I am going to assist in bringing about change to a culture, a nation and generations that seek God.

This is all so amazing to share! I see and feel God birthing something out of me that I couldn't even dream about. The pains are definitely great at times. I have been stretched in my faith and my yes is harder to say. Just recently I had a "come to Jesus meeting". I had to be honest about everything I was feeling and experiencing. It was painful! I realized I could say NO, I'm not going back! I am going to stay here in Atlanta, go back to teaching full time, enjoy life with my community and be great! Right after I said that out loud, I remembered the call is still the call on my life. I can say no and not go, but at what cost? I knew I still had a choice. Well, I decided to wipe my tears and start seeking for healing from the pain I was feeling. I sat in silence. I allowed myself to go through the emotions. I didn't rush back into a place of it's all good. I knew it was good, but I needed to embrace what was happening to me. I needed to embrace Papa God in that place. I needed to walk this out so I would be sure I wanted to continue the journey.

I imagine this is labor pains. I am birthing something naturally that has been spoken over my life in the spirit realm. I haven't had children yet, but I have seen babies born. I have seen women be completely uncomfortable in labor. The nurses and doctors are delivering all kinds of information that effects the birthing process. It matters what you hear in the process of giving birth. I imagine it is important that you follow directions and grab a hold to the support in the room with you. As I prepare to birth what God has placed inside of me, the labor is tough. However, I choose to keep my eyes on the prize. I choose to grab on to my supporters and take their godly counsel, prayers and more. The prize is to see others develop more intimacy with Papa God. The prize is seeing healing, deliverance, and people coming alive in the freedom set before them. The prize is seeing generations motivated to change cultures, systems and traditions. So, I am still saying yes regardless of what I feel, regardless of what I can't see currently. My yes opened and will continue to open doors before me. So YES is what I will continue to say.