©2019 by Ashley Allen


Risk and Faith

This first month has been challenging and breathtaking. A friend messaged me and said, “Let yourself discover. You don’t have to have it all figured it out.” That was one of the greatest things I could have heard. It’s natural for me to put everything together in my head and come up with action steps so things will run smoothly. Yeah, none of that happened in this first month. I took some time to allow myself to adjust to the time zone. That was difficult! I was wide awake in the middle of the night.

I had priceless, breathtaking moments, embracing my new life in Kenya. I visited the countryside of Nairobi, saw a beautiful sunset at Rift Valley and ate goat at the beautiful, Maasai Lounge Restaurant. After two weeks of getting settled in, the preparation for KLA (Kingdom Leadership Academy) began. It was time to do what we came to do. Our first night in worship together was amazing. It was a good introduction, but last week, there was a moment to engage in spontaneous worship during a Spirit-filled night. When the microphone is passed to you, don’t hesitate, go! That night was all I needed. I had been in prayer fighting with God about feeling abandoned. I was halfway across the world and felt like God had left me. Now this was the lie I was believing, while knowing that was impossible. God began to take me on a journey in his word. I allowed myself to feast and let out all my anxiety on Him. Even though I felt abandoned, I knew I could go to him for revival. It was 2 weeks of pressing, tears, washing myself in the word and praying. He finally responded to me at a time I could actually receive it from Him. I have not left you. Stop worrying about the money. We are on a journey together. I want to take you places. This happened after I opened my mouth to just release it all to Him. So, yes, I have been walking through a beautiful journey with Daddy God. Some may have questions about what is currently taking place in my life. Life is empty without risk and faith. “Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make. Become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will lead you wherever you go.Proverbs 3:5-6 TPT